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Summer Term- 1st Half

 Weekly themes we have covered include: Pets (National Pet Month), National Space Day, Plants and Growth, Families, A Visit to the Fire Station and The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Pet week.JPG
Spring hunt.JPG
Growing and planting.JPG
dandelion clocks.JPG
Family tree 1.JPG
Fire station 1b.jpg
Fire station 2b.jpg
Queen tea party 2b.jpg
Queen tea party b.jpg

Summer Term- 2nd Half

 Weekly themes we have covered include: Walks (National Walking Month), Next Steps, Animals and Habitats, Minibeast Awareness, Celebrating Art, Plants and Growth, Sports Week and Transition (including our Leavers Barbeque and End of Term Party.)

national walking month 1.JPG
national walking month.JPG
habitat hunt.JPG
rabbit rescue.JPG
next steps.JPG
butterfly life cycle.JPG
butterfly symmetry.JPG
minibeast hunt.JPG
teddy bears picnics.JPG
art 1.JPG
art 2.JPG
art 3.JPG
fruits and veg 1.JPG
fuit and veg progress.JPG
sports week.JPG
races 2.jpg
races 1.jpg
leavers 2.JPG
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