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Clare Bears Values



Democracy (Social)


 We will…


  • Provide every child with a settling in session the term before they start and an initial parent/carer meeting.


  • Allocate your child with a suitable key person.


  • Provide opportunities to get to know yourself, your child and your family.


  • Be available to listen to your thoughts and share your child’s progress at all times.


 Our Children will…


  • Be encouraged to become confident speakers and listeners.


  • Know that their decisions count.


  • Be able to select and show preferences for resources and activities.


  • Be provided with the opportunity to explore the environment freely and independently as well as small group time activities.


The Rule of Law (Moral)


We will…


  • Offer lots of opportunities for children to discuss their feelings and behaviour.


  • Support and guide children to resolve their own conflicts.


  • Promote positive behaviour and not tolerate bullying.


  • Support and allow the children to be in- dependent and to give them responsibilities of carrying out small tasks.


Our Children will…


  •  Be encouraged to follow simple routines.


  • Learn how to take care of their toys and equipment.


  • Create promises to keep that are important to them.


  • Demonstrate positive behaviour.


Individual Liberty (Spiritual)


 We will…

  • Allow children to take manageable risks and challenges.


  • Provide continuous provision to allow your children to revisit and develop on previous learning experiences.


  • Use various methods to record and assess children’s learning and interests.


  • Build strong relationships with children and their families.



Our Children will…


  • Be given opportunities to explore their thoughts and feelings/ emotions  

        and varying opinions.


  • Make their own choices.


  •  Build strong relationships with practitioners and peers.


  • Celebrate their own achievements.



Mutual Respect and Tolerance (Cultural)


We will…


  • Support children’s understanding of diversity and challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes.


  • Celebrate with children their successes and achievements (whether from home or pre-school).


  • Model turn taking, sharing, communicating and friendly behaviour.


  • Provide role play opportunities using a range of diverse resources.


Our Children will…


  • Happily, share their toys/ resources.


  • Treat each other fairly and equally.


  • Celebrate together events and festivities.


  • Be proud of their own achievements and that of others.

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Learning and Development
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