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Autumn Term- 1st Half

 Weekly themes we have covered include: Making new Friends, Clare Bears Values, All About Me, People who help us, Plants and Animals in our Community, History in Clare and Next Steps Week.

making new friends.JPG
all about me.JPG
wake and shake.JPG
People who help us in Clare.JPG
People who help us -role-play 1 A.JPG
People who help us -role-play.JPG
pine tree A.JPG
planting cress.JPG
cress has grown A.JPG
Plants in clare A.JPG
potato crop.JPG
potato eating.JPG
animals in clare.JPG
Animals- diurnal and nocturnal A.JPG
History week.JPG
Callis street role play.JPG
Ancient house- History week A.JPG
Next steps.JPG

Autumn Term- 2nd Half

 Weekly themes we have covered include: Firework safety/Bonfire night, Food week, Road Safety week, Recycling, Maths week, Library/book week and Christmas!

firework designs.JPG
firework dance.JPG
road safety in Clare.JPG
road safety role play.JPG
Children in need.JPG
Food in Clare.JPG
making bread.JPG
xmas cards.JPG
counting week.JPG
book week.JPG
recycling in Clare.JPG
xmas jumper.JPG
xmas party.JPG
xmas songsb.JPG
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